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British Sea Power - Remember Me
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Album: The Decline of British Sea Power

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Review #1
    Submitted:  January 12, 2004
    By: lallalala
    rating:  5 (out of 10)

neva heard this song B4, but i pitied this song coz not a single soul pasted a comment, so i'm rating it 5 outta 10...this rating mite be much betta than i giv credit for, or worse...but since i havent heard it, i'm in no position 2 judge. ur probali wonderin y i even bothered 2 write in here if i've never heard this song B4, but i feel like it. partly becoz i'm in a grouchy mood. so i release pi**ed offness by typing away absolutely nothing, becos i kno that the ppl who read it, wont get to know who the phycho who wrote this crap is, & i will also get satisfaction in knowing that ppl have read how i feel, but i also dont hav 2 disclose my identity, so that is good. u probali think that i'm crazy, but someone seriously pi**ed me off becos of their narrow minded views. how pi**ing me off man!

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