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Lene Marlin - You Weren't There
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Album: Another Day (by Lene Marlin)

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Review #2
    Submitted:  April 30, 2004
    By: metalhead_vd
    rating:  5 (out of 10)

My ex gf asked for this album on her birthday in Dec 2003 Mind you she was a Hard core metalhead and i wondered That why did ask for a pop album instead for a gud hardcore metal album???Now i m standing here in life having lost her in an accident in Mar this year(2004).... i just started togglin thru her things and found out Lene marlin's both albums and just outta curiousity tried it and boy............her lyrical beauty and emotions has taken me by me Lene is like my lost luv singing to me....Lene is simply brilliant now i realise after having the same sense of loss that she talks about always.....

Review #1
    Submitted:  November 1, 2003
    By: SadakoSlut
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

I was terrified to listen to this. I avoided it for three hours after I bought it. I put it under a stack of other CDs...Because I was afraid it wouldn't be as brilliant as Lene Marlin's songs on her 'Playing My Game' album. But I stuck it in my CD player and...WOW! I was totally blown away. This song has so many layers, you can spend ages working it out. It has beautiful, intelligent lyrics and a great beat, sung as only Lene could. If you liked this, get her new album 'Another Day' and be blown away by that, too! I love you, Lene, you are true talent!!

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