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3OH!3 - Don't Trust Me
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Album: Want (by 3OH!3)

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Review #8
    Submitted:  July 18, 2009
    By: me
    rating:  8 (out of 10)

I love this song! I love how in the beggining they're sord of talking and then it gets into the actual song. THe only part i don't like is the hellen keller part. I find it offensive.... :(

Review #7
    Submitted:  July 13, 2009
    By: your Mother
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

had to correct the rating

Review #6
    Submitted:  July 13, 2009
    By: you mother
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

Pop music has become a joke in the 2000s. If sh1t like this continues we will prpbobly soon have dead air.

Review #5
    Submitted:  July 8, 2009
    By: A reviewer
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

I agree w/ all 4 of you, this is a terrible song.

Review #4
    Submitted:  July 1, 2009
    By: Nut sack
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

One of the worst songs in history. Up there with Vanilla Ice. I actually think Rihanna is better,LOL!

Review #3
    Submitted:  June 7, 2009
    By: Don't trust 3OH!3
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Somebody at thier label must have paid a hefty price to get them airplay. Not only that, but I actually see this song appear on some Rock Charts. Shows how people are easily brainwashed into liking the worst sorry excuse for music around.

Review #2
    Submitted:  May 20, 2009
    By: I Don't Trust You, Fuck You!!!
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

So this Is the stupid piece of Sh1t song with the lyrics 'Don't Trust Me' which I have been hearing on Z-100 most recently. This song Is just AWFUL!!!! Who the Fu ck Is 30H!3?? When did they pop out of the woodwork??? Note: ''0'' Zero Is too high of a rating for this Sh1t, but there wasn't any lower choices available here.

Review #1
    Submitted:  May 9, 2009
    By: JJ
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

I just heard this today, and I think it's just more utter crap. Don't know how else to put it. Next!!!

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