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Lady GaGa - Poker Face
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Album: The Fame

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Review #17
    Submitted:  April 21, 2012
    By: Steven Huether
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

great song

Review #16
    Submitted:  January 17, 2010
    By: Lady Gaga
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

This song sucks lady gaga vagina

Review #15
    Submitted:  June 7, 2009
    By: Sack of dung
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

My mediocre face my mediocre face. Justin Timberlake said it best. This music is sack of sh**.

Review #14
    Submitted:  May 8, 2009
    By: Eat me
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Since Rihanna is currently being used as a punching bag and out of the top 10, someone had to fabricate this horrible Christina Aguilera looking(in all the worst aspects)bi- bi*** to take her place so music could continue sucking. I think that says it all. Oh yeah, and this song sucks balls

Review #13
    Submitted:  May 5, 2009
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

this song is ..hmmmmm well TERRIble! just as lady gaga!! lolz

Review #12
    Submitted:  April 26, 2009
    By: JJ
    rating:  4 (out of 10)

who f***ing cares? this isn't a sex-fantasy forum. This song, only part I like is the chorus.

Review #11
    Submitted:  April 26, 2009
    By: Jill
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Years ago, my BF (now husband) were sharing a motel room and I had to take a Fleet enema to relieve 3 days worth of constipation. Since this was going to result in my stinking up the place, I asked him if he wanted to go to the motel bar for a drink while my enema did it's dirty deed. He said no and was obviously excited. I jokingly asked him if he thought the idea of me taking an enema was sexy and he exclaimed yes. I then stripped and put the enema in his trembling hand.. He also stripped, revealing the biggest erection that I have ever seen and gave me the enema while I was bent over the tub rail. He was rubbing his c*** against my leg and I told him just to 'do me' since we probably had some time before the enema worked. He extered me doggie style and f-ucked my lights out. It was great, but just as we both came, mother nature called and the enema blasted out of me just as he finished. It was a huge mess, but he loved it. Best sex we ever had. I apologized for pooping on him, but he loved it. Also a true story. Been married for 20 years and thousand of enemas.....

Review #10
    Submitted:  April 23, 2009
    By: Dr. NRG
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

The worst dance song ive heard in 5 years,..i dont care for dance music at all,..but Poker Face Is a killa In the GAY clubs (to which I go to frequently) and In the GAY community (In which I'm actively part of)

Review #9
    Submitted:  April 18, 2009
    By: Paulmatthew22
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

the best dance song ive heard in 5 years,..i dont care for dance music at all,..but this is the killa!

Review #8
    Submitted:  April 15, 2009
    By: me
    rating:  7 (out of 10)

i think this song's pretty good. It does DEFFENETLY get annoying after hearing p p p p p p p p p poker face pppppppp poker face, again and again and again and again. Don't you think? I do like it though

Review #7
    Submitted:  April 6, 2009
    By: Rim Job
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

This bi*** can give me a rim job for all I care

Review #6
    Submitted:  April 4, 2009
    By: Glunny
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

Lady GaGa is pretty much amazing. She's not afraid to be involved in her work, regardless of how many chunks people blow. GaGa ftw.

Review #5
    Submitted:  March 30, 2009
    By: Anti Gaga Earling & Hurling Big Chunks Of Vomit!!!
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Poker Feces by Lady Gag Gag sucks and It just makes me ''Gag'' and Vomit big fat meaty chunks. It doesn't matter If Poker Face or Schmoeker Face Is number One...this song sucks and this Is a prime example of how any Sh1t song can hit the top spot without any merit...whatsoever

Review #4
    Submitted:  March 25, 2009
    By: Pro-Gaga
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

Soon poker face will be number one! and for all off you who choke, vomit, whatever, just shut up and listen to your kids bop.

Review #3
    Submitted:  March 19, 2009
    By: Lady Ca Ca
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

If I hear this stupid Poker Face Sh1t song one more time on the radio I will Gag and Vomit all over the place!! I hate this Fu

Review #2
    Submitted:  February 15, 2009
    By: Gagging Wretching And Vomiting Big Fat Chunks!!
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

I 'm hating this Lady Gag Gag sh1t for a good reason!! why...Lady Ga Ga Sucks!!!!!

Review #1
    Submitted:  November 8, 2008
    By: Jonathan
    rating:  9 (out of 10)

I'm loving this song for no good reason.

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