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Madonna f/ Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes
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Album: Hard Candy

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Review #28
    Submitted:  July 8, 2008
    By: jersey
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

this song is amazing

Review #27
    Submitted:  July 7, 2008
    By: carl
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

topping the charts worldwide says it all. people love this amazing song.

Review #26
    Submitted:  July 7, 2008
    By: Terrified
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

This song sux so bad is isn't even funny. Madonna has really lost it, when she has to have Justin sing in her track, just so she can bang him. Hey Madonna, you should return to your old producer Jelly Bean, these other losers couldn't hold a candle up to to him.

Review #25
    Submitted:  June 9, 2008
    By: Mudonna
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Why wait a whole four minutes to be tortured by this song, 1 minute Is all I can barely stand of this torture!!!

Review #24
    Submitted:  June 3, 2008
    By: Mike
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

Great Song... all the people that do not like this song... Keep your damn mouth shut!

Review #23
    Submitted:  June 3, 2008
    By: 4 Minutes Of Nausea
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

As hard as I try to like this song, I found out that I have absolutely no feeling In my soul for such garbage music like this. As a matter of fact, 4 Minutes by Madonna f/ Justin Timbergay has absolutely no soul whatsoever. Madonna Is rapidly sliding down the tubes with garbage like this and teaming up with that f@ggot 'Justinhis@ss Timbergay' puts the final nail in the coffin of her once flourishing musical career.

Review #22
    Submitted:  May 27, 2008
    By: Jay-ski
    rating:  9 (out of 10)

I tried NOT to like this song for the first week it was out--I thought there was 3 better tracks on the album. But the Timbaland hook grew on me BIG TIME. I love this song and I love 'The Beat Goes On' from the album. Of course this CD was never ever gonna out do 'Confessions Of A Dance Floor' which is my personal fav!!!

Review #21
    Submitted:  May 22, 2008
    By: Sorry Madge
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

4 Minutes of Crap is what I call this song. The fact that it features Justin Timbergay just makes it more toilet worthy. Sorry Madge, no love for you this time.

Review #20
    Submitted:  May 14, 2008
    By: On/Off Switch
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

After hearing 4 seconds of this song, my hands reach for the on/off switch, and It goes 'Click'!!

Review #19
    Submitted:  May 12, 2008
    By: Liz Rosenberg
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

1st came the 80s: Lucky Star, Like A Virgin, True Blue, Express Yourself!! Big Smash hits Then came the 90s: Vogue, Take A Bow, Frozen and Beautiful Stranger!! Dance and Electronica Then came the 00s: Music, Hung Up, Nothing Fails, 4 Minutes and Give it 2 Me!! A new Beginning Next the 10s: Live Nation... 10 more years of Surprises!! Madonna is the Queen! To all you losers who dislike her, try to make her money! HA!

Review #18
    Submitted:  May 10, 2008
    By: Ulises
    rating:  3 (out of 10)

Booooooooooooooooooring, not different, and Madonna sounds weird, not sexy

Review #17
    Submitted:  May 4, 2008
    By: John
    rating:  6 (out of 10)

She's tryin' to be hot, but.... mmmm she's not, the song is cool, but not enough. Sorry but Hard Candy is boring, Confessions is better.

Review #16
    Submitted:  May 3, 2008
    By: Hard Nut Sack
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

I never thought I would see the day when Madge needs a little gayboy like Justin to sell her Music. I'm so Sorry this had to happen.

Review #15
    Submitted:  April 26, 2008
    By: youtube
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

All music sucks except Michael Jackson

Review #14
    Submitted:  April 22, 2008
    By: Lizzie
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

Great song...Congrats on another number 1...a classic!!!!!!!!!

Review #13
    Submitted:  April 22, 2008
    By: Dr. NRG
    rating:  5 (out of 10)

I take that back. I snort my dad's dried semen off his undie-manties. I wish it was Justin's

Review #12
    Submitted:  April 18, 2008
    By: Soft Candy
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Hey Madonna!!!! Get away from the Timbaland, Justin Timberfake hIp SloP 5hit real fast!!! You only got 4 minutes to esacpe before it all crashes and burst into flames!!!

Review #11
    Submitted:  April 16, 2008
    By: Dr. NRG
    rating:  3 (out of 10)

I'll take her risque sex themed songs of the 90's over this bull any day. and Justin? What the hell are you thinking M? Didn't you learn anything by Duran Duran's fatal mistake to let Timbaland produce thier cd? Take some knowledge and get out of the hip hop loop before they go down in flames with you attached.

Review #10
    Submitted:  April 15, 2008
    By: DJ MEGA
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

Why, why... why??? Maybe the combination isn't needed, but for all these stu**ds critics they seems not understand that she always change her style and get with the wave to keep with the move. I like the song and the video is very good because, I see it and can't stop thinking of my mom who always complaint about her age and I made her look at the video to see what a 50 year old woman can do if she takes good care of herself and keep working out... GO MADGE... You still being the queen and BRITNEY, did you learned the lesson peace of a** h**e???

Review #9
    Submitted:  April 10, 2008
    By: Rosie Ho-sy
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

4 Minutes of Torture...The Queen has lost her throne!!!

Review #8
    Submitted:  April 10, 2008
    By: Wake UP!
    rating:  6 (out of 10)

Madonna is the Queen of pop, but she doesn't need Justin Timbergay to sell her music. Madonna wake up. these a**holes should be kissing your feet. Don't let 200's pop ruin your name.

Review #7
    Submitted:  April 10, 2008
    By: Rosie
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

4 Minutes of Perfection...Once again the Queen does it!

Review #6
    Submitted:  April 8, 2008
    By: Mr. Purrfect
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

This is a new Madonna era!! What a song.. another number one for Madge soon... This is her biggest song since 2005's Hung Up and I see 5 or 6 huge hits from Hard Candy!! Go Madonna!! U are still young and have 25 more years of hits on the way!

Review #5
    Submitted:  April 6, 2008
    By: Entertainmenthit
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

The song is brilliant!...def a #1 around the world..and the video just makes the song even hotter

Review #4
    Submitted:  April 4, 2008
    By: teero
    rating:  9 (out of 10)

can you hot hot!!!!!!!!

Review #3
    Submitted:  March 31, 2008
    By: Lizzie
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

U idiots are jealous!! This song is the sh**! Get a life...4 minutes will be number 1 Madonna rules... and always will!!

Review #2
    Submitted:  March 28, 2008
    By: We Are Sick Of Madonna!!!!!!
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Madonna Wanna is played out. She had her day now she is just old news and uncreative and just plain BORING. Justin Timberf@g is just totally awful (as always) and this song is just totally awful!!! Give it up Madonna Wanna, you're all washed out. Mickey D's is now hiring!!!

Review #1
    Submitted:  March 27, 2008
    By: J
    rating:  1 (out of 10)

she needs to go away.. her music is HORRIBLE now. Thats why she needs Justin!

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