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Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love
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Album: Bleeding Love [CD Single]

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Review #19
    Submitted:  October 6, 2013
    By: asry
    rating:  5 (out of 10)

asdfg asrg

Review #18
    Submitted:  June 8, 2008
    By: SFCity
    rating:  6 (out of 10)

it's catchy. not that bad. good voice

Review #17
    Submitted:  April 10, 2008
    By: Preparation. H.
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

This song should be called ''Bleeding Hemmorrhoid'' because it is a pain in the A55.

Review #16
    Submitted:  March 30, 2008
    By: KT
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

ok.. i get the meaning 'Bleeding Love' but it makes me wanna dump my boyfriend and go EMO!!! U SUCK!

Review #15
    Submitted:  March 26, 2008
    By: Ko Tex
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Her voice Is annoying and this song Is annoying!!!! Se sings so over-dramatic and she over-draaaaags the words. I'd rather screech chalk on a chalkboard than listen to this Irrittating song!!! Awful lyrics!!!!!

Review #14
    Submitted:  March 26, 2008
    By: Pickles
    rating:  5 (out of 10)

Get off the damn stage already! I dont care how long youve been or were #1! I say this song sucks! And you have a REALLY weird voice!

Review #13
    Submitted:  March 18, 2008
    By: Ko Tex
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

This song SUCKS!!! It's HORRIBLE, plain and simple!!!

Review #12
    Submitted:  March 18, 2008
    By: Fred
    rating:  7 (out of 10)

I didnt think id like this song but surprisingly, i do.

Review #11
    Submitted:  March 15, 2008
    By: Bob
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

U lot are thick it clearly aint bad look how long it was number 1 u all need taste!! U probs have one of the best female voices in the world leona!!!

Review #10
    Submitted:  March 14, 2008
    By: Ko Tex
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

Every time I hear ''Bleeding Love'' I change the station or I click off the radio. This song Is annoying and OVERSUNG (like most of today's songs) and It grates my nerves. The lyrics are annoying too. I must give her some credit, her voice is good!

Review #9
    Submitted:  March 3, 2008
    By: Artemis
    rating:  5 (out of 10)

I've really meant to say that i am GAY and i hate women and i would like this song better if the singer's name is Leon Lewis!!

Review #8
    Submitted:  February 24, 2008
    By: PoO
    rating:  8 (out of 10)

Such a powerful catchy song. Such a lovely, beautiful voice. so pure. And she's not even black!

Review #7
    Submitted:  February 1, 2008
    By: datboyfrmdabay
    rating:  7 (out of 10)

dam!! so much hatred. not everybody likes the same thing. and you are entitle to your own opinion. or someone hurted your feelings.

Review #6
    Submitted:  January 3, 2008
    By: Artemis
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

F uck all of you dumb F aggots, this song sucks and you all suck. Go to hell!!! F uck-U!!!

Review #5
    Submitted:  December 16, 2007
    By: collom
    rating:  2 (out of 10)

it wasent bad at first but now it is errible bleeding love wate a loade of nothing

Review #4
    Submitted:  December 12, 2007
    By: Matt
    rating:  9 (out of 10)

This is such a great song. I downloaded it when it was nowhere near the #4 position. Glad to see it climbed up to where it belongs. Artemis you have no taste.

Review #3
    Submitted:  December 10, 2007
    By: Simon Cowell
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

I really love this song, it is so powerful ARTEMIS is obviously A VERY bitter indivdual, but it is only because they are an anagram of EATS RIM.

Review #2
    Submitted:  December 10, 2007
    By: Glenn
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

What a Fantastic Song, Thisgirl is going to the top. A new Whitney

Review #1
    Submitted:  December 7, 2007
    By: Artemis
    rating:  0 (out of 10)

what a load of rubbish .... what a ghastly song to give a young woman. reminds me of this rubbish song from the 80s 'Only Women Bleed'... horrible, truly horrible, screechy vocals and stupid lyrics.

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