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Incubus - Anna-Molly
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Album: Light Grenades

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Review #2
    Submitted:  February 19, 2007
    By: happiness
    rating:  5 (out of 10)

For anyone who finds it hard to cope; When SHE were born on the 28th January in 1978; YOU were born on the 9th April in 1978. When SHE was three, she was pretty with blond hair and blue eyes; YOU were thin and pale with lank brown hair and expressionless eyes. When SHE started school aged five, she where the most popular girl in the class; YOU were the least popular girl in the class and spent your break times sat on your own. When SHE was eight, she thought it would be fun to push you about; YOU always let her push you about, you had no choice. When SHE was 13, she was starting to date boys; YOU had never dated anyone. When SHE was 14, she was the happiest girl alive; YOU were the most depressed girl alive. When SHE was 16, she was head of the cheerleading squad; YOU were the head of the Emos, sinking deeper into depression. When SHE was 18, she left school with no degrees; YOU left school with 5 degrees. When SHE was 19, she moved back in with your parents; YOU moved to Hollywood to seek fame. When SHE was 21, she got a job in the local fast food joint; YOU got a job in the top movie of the year. When SHE was 23, she got herself a council flat in the “rough” side of town; YOU got a million pound mansion in the best part of LA. When SHE was 25, she won herself a criminal record; YOU won yourself an Oscar for best actress. When SHE was 27, she had trouble keeping a boyfriend; YOU were dating the richest man in Hollywood. When SHE was 28, she got pregnant after a one-night-stand with a stranger; YOU got pregnant with your famous husband. When SHE was 31, she was on $70 week dole money; YOU earned your first billion. When SHE was 35, she was homeless on the walks of her local streets; YOU were on the walk of fame in Hollywood. When SHE was 39, her child gets sent to social services; YOUR child gets sent to the best private school in America. When SHE was 42, she was sent to live in a shelter; YOU were giving billions of pounds to raise money for the same shelters. When SHE were 51, her child says that she never want to see her again; YOUR child says she wants to be an actress just like her “wonderful” mum. When SHE was 60, she retired in a grotty nursing home; YOU retired in your Multi-million pound home in LA. When SHE was 75, she dies alone and unhappy with nobody caring about her; YOU die with all your friends and family by your side grieving for you. REVENGE IS SWEET, ISNT IT? To pass the happiness, post this poem to 3 other pages.

Review #1
    Submitted:  December 30, 2006
    By: M.C.
    rating:  9 (out of 10)

This is a awsome song and I think it is one of the best on the chart

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