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Bryan Adams - Never Let Go
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Review #6
    Submitted:  August 2, 2007
    By: jack m
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

This movie gets a wow! I thought it was going to be another corney flick. The song gets a double wow! I knew it had to be Bryan Adams when I heard it. He's had some great songs. Pure talent that has stood the test of time.

Review #5
    Submitted:  April 2, 2007
    By: Midge
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

I LOVE THIS SONG!!! This makes me sad and makes me realize what the coastguard or anybody invloving saving people. It makes you realize how great of an hinor it is to be an aerican citizen. It almsot makes you prideful yeat sad in a way. I balled when watching this movie when this song cam up because it reall makes you think of the important things in life that are important and not thelittle things

Review #4
    Submitted:  February 28, 2007
    By: Volcomstar
    rating:  5 (out of 10)

Its also 'show you're the kind of man who; will never look back, never look down and never let go' not 'turn into the kind of man who ill never look back, never look down, and never let go'

Review #3
    Submitted:  February 28, 2007
    By: Volcomstar
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

I love the song, but its : We live we die, 'cuz you cant save every soul' not 'cause you cant say that is for sure' just wanted to clear that up :)

Review #2
    Submitted:  November 24, 2006
    By: Clarence
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

I think this is a classic Bryan Adams song in the same vein as All For Love. Great lyrics, inspiring music, very heroic theme, suitable for the Guardian movie. Am just disappointed that it did not achieve the success that his previous hits did. This song actually made me well up inside....very few artists can do that.

Review #1
    Submitted:  November 23, 2006
    By: Sri
    rating:  10 (out of 10)

very awesome song. Great job! Really love this song. Bryan Adams is the best!

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