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Ruff Ryders - It's a Holiday Lyrics

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(blows smoke)
1;come up top to the roof come on
2;what you wanna go to the roof for
1;i just bought four joints today
1;yeah,yeah I wanna pop these things off
(they walk up the steps and open the door)
2;whats up holiday
2;look at the pumpers on the roof,pumpers on the roof
3;f*** the bull sh** e you ratin man
2;ratin on who who am I ratin on
3;its not looking good baby not lookin good at all
1;personally it ain't even nothing to talk about
2;so this how I'm going out,this how y'all gone do me this how I'm going out
3;nah you cool
2;what the f--k what the f--k,cjill man,ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
3;fly off the roof motherf***er

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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