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Regurgitator - Track One Lyrics

  Album: New

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My life is a paradox
Seems that I care a lot
Meaning that I stare a lot
But I don't give a f***

Armchair compassionate
Accessory fashion it
Get me a character fit to assasinate
I generalise criticise amplify
Exemplifying what? take a shot
Then sell it while the barrel's hot
Lying there and rotting thinking what do I crave?
Slave to the market market for the slaves

I'm just a sucker like you (x4)

Social stand-outs with plastic obsessions
Commercial handouts for catchy confessions
I've got the fear that I'm gonna get afflicted
With a means to and end I'm contradicted

Lost my integrity just momentarily
Grab it's sorry ass and pin the f***er down please
Slap it in the face till it quits the hysteric
Rhetoric then my friend you can f***ing bury it

I'm just a sucker like you (x16)

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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