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Ramones - Everytime Eat Vegetables It Makes Me Think of You Lyrics

  Album: Subterranean Jungle

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She was a really good friend, a really
Good friend to me, yeah. she was a really
Good friend, a really good friend to me, yeah

But they took her away tossed her in the bin
Now she's hanging out in east berlin, ow-ooo

She had a very bad affair with some cat from
Hiroshima she turned into a head of lettuce
She eats thorazine in her farina but they took
Her away tossed her in the bin now she's hanging
Out un east berlin, ow-ooo

And everytime I eat vegetables it makes me think
Of you and everytime I eat vegetables I don't know
What to do, to do ow-ooo

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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