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Oingo Boingo - Louise Lyrics

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[english verse]
The way you speaak - into my ear
The way I feel when I know you
Are near
Something so good, it must be wrong
Louise ---be true to me

[french verse]

When I think about what I've missed
Without you I'd cease to exist
If you leave me, lord I would cry
Three weeks best, I'd curl up and die
Be true to me, te'moi cherie, louise, louise
I - yi - yi

[chant verse]
Have you seen my baby
Yes, all the time
Then you know it's true
What - I'm in love
How can you be so sure
What - tell the truth
Does it come from your heart
Yes it does
Deep inside
From the center
Best of luck, and you will need
Plenty of that

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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