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Lush - Fantasy Lyrics

  Album: Spooky

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When I'm home I listen hoping for a clue
And you know they can't tell us what to do
When you're gone, out of sight not out of mind
But you know this feeling took me years to find

And your eyes, they always know where it hurts
And your lips kiss me 'til I'm fit to burst
Each day you watch me with your static gaze
And smile, naked at my silly ways

Planets spin around your head
Milk and sugar in your bed
Even when you're far away
I can hear you every day

Wise hands grasping the delicate prize
I just wait for the time of our lives

No one knows what's going on
They don't know where we belong
Let you swim around my face
Live inside my special place

It's only you that holds the key
Don't know what you do to me
In our little secret world
I can be your little girl

My desires can't be bought in black and white
Only you make me feel secure inside
For I know you really love no one but me
And I smile because they think it's fantasy

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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