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Henry Rollins - Icon Lyrics

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All eyes turned up to the hero
Charismatic icon animal man
Lyrical visionary caught in the spotlight
The more you make, the more you get it right, right?

Nothing can stop you
No one can bring you down
Don't give a thought to tomorrow
You're the man right now

It doesn't matter what you say
Because they always find some meaning in it anyway
Make them feel like they're part of some big event
They'll be too busy cheering to wonder where your talent went

They really need you
They've got to have you
You're the only one who understands

Slender messiah, God with a song
Turned strung out wreck who stuck around too long
Tragic hero coming down hard
The joke's on you, you got played like a deck of cards

Paying the price of fame
Under the weight of the flames

Feel the backlash
Watch the tables turn
Now you need them
Feel the fire burn

All eyes turned up to the hero
Strung out self abusive circus freak
One thing that you might not know
There'll be another messiah right here next week

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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