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Henry Rollins - Hot Animal Machine II Lyrics

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I ran outside in the colored lights
I saw a scene of freaks dancin' in the streets
Like monkeys swinging from light bulbs
Couldn't find the right words
Couldn't find the wrong words
I just wanted to kick
They looked at me like they never seen something like that in their lives
I wanted to shove it right down their slimy throats
I went right back to my cell and freaked out by myself
And don't you know it feels good to know without a doubt to know
I am what I am all about
Back in my jungle, back in my cell
Ready like a convict man springing to the alien combat life

A man in front of the barrel of a gun
Instructions: remain calm
My dreams they all die
Annihilation, discrimination, incineration
In my dreams they all die
I'm exterminating from the inside
No one hears a scream
No one holds or heeds to my dreams but me
The assassin of my dreams comes to destroy from the inside
The assassin of my dreams exterminates without mercy, without judgement
I am the assassin of my dreams
I am the exterminator of my thoughts
I am the rough that corrodes my will
I am my worst enemy
I am my best friend
I am my end

Remain calm
Prepare to destroy
Part animal part machine

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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