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Henry Rollins - All I Want Lyrics

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When I close my eyes all I see are visions of you
And when I open my eyes
Your absence holds me down
I try but I can't shake myself loose
I can't command my brain
All I do is shrink and think of one thing
I'm sitting alone beside me
I'm digging a hole inside myself

All I want is the place I think I've found
When I look into your eyes
All I know is that I'm tired of the world around me
Please don't ignore me

Dedicated, here I am thinking of you
With everything within me
You'll never see me, never feel me
Never know these thoughts of mine
In my mind you're always there, always smiling
Always reaching out to me
The days go on with heartache,
The days go on with emptiness

All I want is to somehow matter to you
Even if all else rejects me
All I know is that I'm hammered by the world
Around me
Please don't destroy me

I burn down time trying to find a way
To get through to you
I'm standing in line for a hand out
That will never come but still
I don't care
Feeling like, looking like -naked
Here is everything I am
Laid out exposed wide eyed unable to forget you

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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