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Diamond Rio - It Does Get Better Than This Lyrics

  Album: Close to The Edge (by Diamond Rio)

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Sunset, a clear blue lake
Fishing with the boys
A weekend hanging out with my best friends

Tall tales and ice cold beer
Well, I can't blame you guys
For saying this must be the living end


Hold on, it does get better than this
If you were me
You couldn't disagree
'cause I've held her oh so tight
She's kept me up all night
I've tasted her kisses sweet as wine
Sure, this is a real good time
But pardon me boys
It does get better than this

Cool night, by the fire
At least a million stars
A cooler full of fat catfish to fry
Back slapping, telling jokes
And howling at the moon
I hear you saying, ˇ°ain't this
The lifeˇ­ˇ± but


She showed me what the
Good life really means
I know you've had a love like hers
Yeah, in your dreams


Oh I'm telling you now boys
It does get better than this.

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Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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