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Devo - Let's Talk Lyrics

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I saw you coming
I called your name
You couldn't hear me
You walked on by

Something's changed
Everything's rearranged
You didn't see me
You didn't answer

I was invisible to your cause
I tried to tell you
I was your friend
You just kept walking
Like it was the end

Let's talk
Tell me all about it
Let's talk
What could it hurt now?
Let's talk
Won't you tell me what is wrong, yeah?
Let's talk
We can work it out, somehow

I saw you coming
You wore a wig
I wanted to laugh
But you looked so serious

I say let's talk
And you just walk

How was i
To approach you?
You really left no room

Run out in the crowd
If you really want to,
But why not try
For something new?

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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