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Concrete Blonde - Cold Part of Town Lyrics

  Album: Concrete Blonde

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Dear darling,
Haven't seen you in a while
Found some change in my pocket
Thought I'd take a chance and dial
I'm all right
Just right now a little down.
It gets chilly over here.
It's a cold part of town.

Dear darling,
You were right about them all
When it all came down,
They never came around or called.
That's all right
I don't miss them anyhow,
But it gets lonely over here
It's a cold part of town

I'll go now.
Someone's waiting for the phone
It's raining
Getting dark and I'm alone
Yeah, I'll call you.
Can I sometime cometime come around
It's so lonely over here
It's a cold, cold part of town.

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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