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Common - The bi*** in Yoo Lyrics

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(yeah, for your nation...
For your nation...)
Verse one:
A bi*** nigga wit an attitude named cube
Step to com wit a feud
Now what the f*** I look like dissing a whole coast
You ain't made sh** dope since amerikkka's most
Wanted to cease from the midwest to the east
On the d*** of the east for your 1st release
Your lease is up at the crib, house niggaz get evicted
And videos wit white boys talking you get wicked
Natural born killa, nigga you natural born god
Look, read listen, got the nerve to say you rob
Hyprocrite, I'm filling out your death certificate
Slanging bean pies and st ide's in the same sentence
Shoulda repented, on the 16th of october
Get some beats besides george clinton to rock over
Rap career is over, better off acting
What trouble I see, you're managing wc and wack 10
You backed in to a four corner hustla
Lying on your d***, said you was f***in her
Use higher learning, don't take my words out of text
Went from gangsta to islam to the d*** of das efx
It'll take the nation of millions to hold me back
From giving you mouth shots or hit wit the pipe ralph got
When sucker ain't around, it's your friday, it was good
I wasn't salty, she was wit the boyz n the hood
I see the bi*** in you when you don't speak your mind
The bi*** in you, looking me in my eyes lyin
I see the bi*** in you, simply hard, you find
The bi*** in you but yo it's coming out
Verse two:
Up on this rap sh**, cube, I'm calling out
I break in and smack niggaz that's in the slaughterhouse
This ain't no east coast, west coast, none of the above
I'm from chi, I went to cali, niggaz gave me love
There's a thin line between the fake and the real
Grafted ass nigga, I see through your glass shield
Had skills once upon a time on this project, yo
I'm a have ta wreck a ho'shea
I heard a ho say you her favorite rapper
(so what) so I had to slap her, ugn
And violate you, a muslim drinking brew
Your nigga ain't no mack 10, he's a 22
I seen you, you ain't say sh** to atl
Cube, I like that diamond charm, I might cuff it, then sell
It out, like you sold kam and threat
A year ago, you wasn't talking sh** about the west
Guess you knew you're sh** was done plus the one got you cable
Hoo bangin, you ain't banging sh** but the table
And the circle madd, ain't got no choice but to fight
Ain't none of y'all muthafukas got a chance on the mic
Anytime you come out, yo, I'm a talk about you
Until you let that bi*** in you, walk up out you
Any last words before I hit the switch
From the immortal words of one, a bi*** is a bi***

Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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