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Akinyele f/ Complexion/curly - Rather F*** You Lyrics

  Album: Aktapuss: The Soundtrack [Soundtrack]

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Is the bronx up in here
Is queens up in here
Is brooklyn up in here
Staten island

(curly) hook 2x
I?d rather f*** you girl
(? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? )
Spread out spread out spread out
(complexion)(during hook)
Woman when it come to other gee?s
We tell them bi***es to flee

Now we could start this sh** up on the living room couch
At your mother?s house
As I push push
Up in your bush
Like a f***ing deush
I think of different ways
That we could lay
Before we foreplay
So we could f*** f*** all through the night
And through the day

Hook 2x

I say f*** them bi***es
That I used to mess with
They knew I should of knew when it comes to handling real d***
I like when it?s mushy
And the sex is wet and gushy
I love it when you push me
When I?m humping up in your p****

Hook 7x

Hey yo this is ak-nel
With my man complexion
And curly from the rasta block
We do it like this on funkmaster flex tape
So we give you the real 60 minutes of f***

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Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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