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Lords Of Decadence - Go To Blazes Lyrics

  Album: Cognitive Note Of Discord

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You're standing there, with your bright blond hair.
I don't know where and when I will it dare,
to speak to you - but that I cannot do.
I wonder who're you - My Goddess - that is true!
I tried, I failed, now I feel insecure.
I did too because the temptation was so pure.
Are you surprised? She's too good for us… and that's for sure.
f*** yourself and die!

Babe, I want to brush your hair with a razor.
I still adore you, Baby, but you are cold like a glacier.
You were going too far therefore I want to erase'ya.
Come on f*** yourself and die! Go to Blazes!

I wonder why we have ever met,
or why it's you I cannot forget,
and why you are so cruel to me now?!
Don't you know you have taken me in your tow?!
You think you are too good for me, my Dear?!
But you're just a conceited w****, can you hear?!
You should not make this old and dumb mistake…
Hey you! Go to Blazes - for god's sake!

I cannot stop the rage-flow in my head!
I get insane, and my eyes turn red!
I can't hold back the error I will make!
The f***ing bi*** should die, that's the revenge I want to take

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Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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