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Rooster - Standing In Line Lyrics

  Album: Come Get Some

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I spent a lifetime searching
For what I thought I’d found
But you’re just the same
It’s still a losing game
I’m a face in the crowd

You love and you leave
Yeah you lie and deceive
How can you sleep at night
Say you’re just having fun
We all think we’re the one
What you’re doing just aint right


I can’t do it
I won’t say it
My heart is breaking but I won’t let you know
I can’t show it
I won’t loose it
My bodies shaking and I’m ready to roll
Am I just standing in line
Are you just wasting my time

So you’re just an illusion
Breathing the best of me
Got games to slow me down
Stop messing me around
Thought you were here to set me free



Artist Chart History
Reviews for this song

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